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Milestone Veneer LLC

Milestone Veneer LLC
2924 Hallie Lane
Granville, OH 43023 USA
Mobile: 001 (317) 9082093
Phone: 0049 (7223) 9320

Milestone Veneer - The Decision For Nature

The beauty and distinction of fine wood ist best expressed by rich veneers harvested from sustainable and well-managed forestry.

Real veneer made of wood from around the world combines environmental responsibility with nature. We preserve the unique aura and variety of a natural product.

Our specialists purchase high quality Hard- and Softwood-Veneers throughout Europe and North America. Our production partners are qualified manufacturers skilled at careful slicing in their respective countries. Permanent production control by our own experts guarantees the consistent top quality our customers expect.

Such exact planning over the production of our own carefully selected supply makes it possible for us to meet both our customers' long and short term needs.

The decision for nature
Our specialists purchase high quality Hard- and Softwood-Veneers throughout North America and Europe. Production partners are ...
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Did you know
that for wood used for veneer product-ion is not an valuable forest is des-troyed? A major concern for Milestone Veneer LLC is a sustainable ...
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Unique service
Milestone Veneer LLC, an incorpo-ration agreement is founded in 1999, across the world with a network of dedicated employees for you ...
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